Worksite CSA

Food brings people together, at work and at home. Making great food accessible to your employees encourages happier families, more joyful coworkers, and a general atmosphere of caring and community. Fostering this kind of environment by offering such a unique and progressive benefit will increase your businesses recruitment and retention now and in the years to come.
— Fledging Crow Farm

Our Worksite CSA is a relationship between your business and local farmers that stimulates the health and connectedness of our communities. We offer the opportunity to bridge the distance between your employees and their food source.  There is a growing awareness of the benefits of eating local, naturally grown food, and we want to extend the invitation for your business to participate. 

By helping your employees access an abundance of fresh local food, you are promoting a healthier and more productive workplace.  For every dollar spent on wellness programs, the average employer saves $3.27 in medical costs.  In addition, sick leave, health plan costs, worker compensation, and disability costs decrease by about 25% per year with a wellness program in place.[1]

[1] "Health Policy Brief: Workplace Wellness Programs," Health Affairs, May 10, 2011.


Participation Options


We offer three ways for businesses to enhance employee wellness through our Worksite CSA Program:


1. Farmer's Market at Work

Larger worksites can arrange to have a mini-farmer's market set up on site if at least 50 employees decide to participate. This option is ideal, as it gives employees direct access to the farmers, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas, recipes, and information.  Employees are able to customize their shares each week from a bountiful open-air display.


2. Pre-Packaged shares

For worksites with fewer than 50 interested employees, we offer pre-packaged shares.  These shares will offer a rich diversity of the season's offerings at a convenient pick-up time at the worksite.  A "trade-box" will also be provided, allowing members to trade produce they love for produce that "isn't their favorite." Any remaining produce in the trade-box will be donated to the local food bank. 


3. Customized Pre-Packaged Shares

Depending on demand, we are open to the idea of customizing pre-packaged shares. Members would receive an order form each week and choose their produce according to their personal tastes. These shares will then be labeled for each member and taken to the worksite on pick up day. 

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No matter which way you choose to participate, a worksite CSA is a great way to improve worker health and moral. In some worksites, payroll deduction is an options. This allows for easier budgeting on the part of employees.

Our first priority is to enhance the health and sense of community within your business. To accomplish this, we will work with you and your employees to develop a system that meets your needs. That being said, please let us know about your workplace's specific needs.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up a Worksite CSA, please fill out the questioner below.  If you return the questioner, we will contact you to get the ball rolling.


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