Sister Farms

Making the switch to a sustainable diet and lifestyle is a community effort.  We work with some other excellent producers to help make available a greater diversity of delicious local food. Please check out their websites, CSA programs, and look for them at farmer's markets. 



Manzini Farm is the larger farm on which Fledging Crow Vegetables operates. The almost 150 acre farm produces grass-fed, sustainably raised beef and lamb. 

Owner Marco Turco, his wife Portia, and their two daughters do a great job managing the herds, and strive to bring flavorful beef and lamb to the community.

For more information on how to order beef or lamb, contact us at, and we will forward your inquiry to Marco. 

The North Country Creamery at Clover Mead

Ashley Kleinhammer, owner/operator of the new North Country Creamery at Clover Mead farm offers a variety of high-quality dairy products.  Her cheese and yogurt CSA is in high demand, and Fledging Crow CSA members can receive dairy shares with their vegetables. 

Mace Chasm Farm offers a meat & eggs share starting in June 2013.  It will include whole chickens, eggs, cured & fresh sausages, and a full line of pork & beef cuts and grinds. They have an in-house butcher shop, allowing them to maintain control of the quality of their meat from beginning to end. They offer their Meat & Egg share alongside vegetables shares from Fledging Crow Farm and Juniper Hill Farm.



Mad Crazy Flowers  is operated  by Melody Horn.  She offers a weekly flower share that boasts a voluptuous bouquet of locally grow, pesticide-free flowers arranged with great care.  Melody also does weddings and special events and was recently featured in Adirondack Life. You can contact Melody directly at  .

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