Owner Bios

Owners Ian Ater (Right) and Lucas Christenson (Left).

Owners Ian Ater (Right) and Lucas Christenson (Left).

Ian Ater ended up in the North Country in 2001 where he attended Plattsburgh State to study Environmental Science. A native to Rochester, he tried his suburban hand at milking cows during the 2003 season at a little organic dairy farm, Clover Mead Farm, that specializes in artisanal cheeses. Four years later, he found himself madly in love with farm life and found it impossible to envision going anywhere else or working another job. When Ian teamed up with the owner of Manzini Farms, Marco Turco, the Fledging Crow came to life. Having only managed one acre of vegetables at Clover Mead, Ian quickly found himself scrambling for every veggie trick in the book in order to handle the larger Fledging Crow Vegetable operation. Ian and Lucas joined forces to create the Fledging Crow they have today. Ian is joined on the farm by his partner Jessica, his daughter Amaya.  He hopes to continue the positivity and production thus created. His favorite past-times are drinking coffee, pulling the perfecta II cultivator and hanging out with his little girl, especially when they have time to paint their walls, trim, and entryway with bright colors.  They seriously repaint several times a year. 

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Lucas Christenson is from northern Minnesota. He got in start in agriculture working for a nursery near his home and doing freelance landscaping. His path went in a much different direction when he moved to Helena, Montana to study writing at Carroll College. During a much needed break from his studies, Lucas met Ian in Ecuador while they were volunteering at a community there, trying to develop sustainable gardens for the community. His first time trying to grow vegetables on a scale larger than just the home garden, Lucas realized the joy, benefit, and gravity of food production. Ian said that he was looking for land in the Adirondacks to start a farm. Only a musing at the time, they agreed that if Ian found land, Lucas would help him get his farm started.  As promised, Lucas moved to upstate New York in 2008 where he lives with his wife Brittany and their blue-tick coonhound, Maravilla. 


Fledging Crow Vegetables, LLC.    122 A Robare Rd., Keeseville, NY 12944.  (518) 834-5012