Only 9 weeks until the first CSA pick-up!

The Countdown Begins

We are just nine weeks from the beginning of the 2016 CSA. Spring is here, and just as our brown drab surroundings are beginning to bud with color, so too do our hearts rejoice for springtime. The last time many of you saw us, we were wrapping up the 2015 CSA season and hustling to get all of the roots harvested before the ground froze. It turned out that we had plenty of time, since the weather stayed unseasonably warm until after Christmas. We know this this winter has been a strange one for many of you, with scarce snow and a slow tourism season, things just weren't as expected. We hope that all of your businesses and families found joy in the abnormal season, though, and that you are as excited for new life and growth as we are.

We began seeding in the propagation house on March 7th, and with a rockstar crew of volunteers and employees, we have started over 90,000 baby plants already. Just smell of the rich soil (more on that in the bottom right panel) and the warmth of the sun from inside the green houses are enough to awaken our gratitude for this incredible lifestyle. Many of these seedlings are long-season crops like onions, shallots, tomatoes, peppers, and celeriac.  That's many more than last year, because we have 12 additional acres in production this season! Part of the reason for the added acreage is our will to feed more members of our community, and the new acreage will allow us to accept more than 150 additional CSA members this year! Here's to feeding the masses while maintaining the highest standards in quality and sustainability, and please spread the word that we have more shares available. 

We are then, very busy with preparing the farm for another bountiful season. We had sheep housed in the greenhouses over the winter, and they have just moved to their spring barn. They left behind a beautiful layer of fertilizer (if that's what you're into) for us to add to our compost pile. We have filled the propagation house and the first big greenhouse (Alaska) with plant starts, sanitized all of the tools and trays, and reordered irrigation and planting materials. We also completed our application to become NOFA-NY Certified Organic as early as this year.  Big things on the horizon this year, friends! And in all we do, we think of our community and supporters fondly and hope to bring in the bounty. Thanks for all that you do, and look for more weekly updates in your inbox. 

With Hopes for Sunshine,
Ian, Lucas, Britt, Jess, Amaya, Peg, Kiana, Andy, and Jeff


Did you know?
The unmistakeable smell of mud and earth that you might associate with gardening is actually geosmin, or earth odour. Geosmin is a terpene made by microorganisms in the soil, particularly the streptomyces family of bacteria that live in soil and in decaying matter.  Some say it's the smell of rain, since water droplets disturb the soil and release the sent molecules.

Meet Kiana French, a returning FCV farmer. Kiana is a SUNY Plattsburgh Environmental Studies graduate with a love of all things food related. She is a self-proclaimed cat-lady, and is always the one to make sure our 3 farm cats are healthy, happy, and loved. Kiana comes from a family of guides and adventurers. Her dad has recently been accepted by National Geographic to make an expedition to Antarctica! No stranger to adventure herself, Kiana spent the winter in India and Nepal, where she met the Dalai Lama in person. She says it was one of the most magical experiences of her life. Kiana will be working at the CSA pick-ups in Plattsburgh this season, so be sure to say "hi" when you see her in June!



A True Fledgling's View of the Crow

Amaya is Ian and Jess’s daughter and she lives here at the farm.  This week, back-dropped by this impossibly blue September weather, Amaya celebrated her 6th birthday.  In honor of this small but mighty member of our team, we decided to have Amaya ‘write’ the weekly update in the form of an interview. 


Whats the best part of living on the farm?

Being around LOTS of friends who are like my family.

What’s the hardest part of living on the farm?

My dad can’t have a day off until winter and my mom is always cleaning!

How do you get to know the CSA members?

By doing my lemonade stand on CSA pick-up day at the farm.

Can you tell me about that?

Mmhhm.  I make three kinds:

 Mint (its green!), Plain, And cranberry (which is pink and makes your tongue feel sour.)

When people pick up their share, they mostly go into the CSA cooler before they get lemonade.  But they at least get to see my sign before they do and they can think about a cup while they are getting veggies. When they come back out of the cooler, they come over and sometimes someone talks to me and buys a cup!  I always put ice in it, and I always let them take their cup home to remember my lemonade!

Do you have jobs at the farm?            

Yes!  I water the greenhouse, I pick sungolds, I help with market signs, I help do the markets sometimes with my dad, I give tours to visitors, I feed the cats, I try to take care of most of the animals, polish cucumbers, help arrange flowers… that’s all I can think of right now.

What is your first memory of the farm?

Of my aunt Kelly coming here and meeting me for the first time, and she was SO happy!

What is your favorite veggie?

Sungolds!  I dream of sungolds raining out of the sky, and they would come down in a sungold rain shower and we wouldn’t have to pick, we could just set out buckets in the night and that morning we’d have caught tons of them!

Do people who work on the farm start to feel like family?

Oh YES!   Alex feels like my fun uncle!  He’s always silly and up for playing. Peg feels like my grandma from Jamaica.  I actually call her grandma!  She lets me sit with her in and she always makes me feel loved. Hannah felt like my older sister (I miss her so much!) Britt feels like my actual real aunt because I’ve known her for my forever. Lukey IS actually my god dad. Kianna, Molly and Cory feel like my uncle and aunts too! Andy and Erin too… well I guess everybody kinda does!!

Can you tell me your favorite memory from this summer? My favorite memory of this summer was going swimming on lunch breaks with the whole crew.  I got to swim with everyone, and I learned to swim under water!  One day we even got to have a picnic lunch that Britt made.

Another favorite memory was the vacation that I went on with Daddy, mommy Britt and Lukey.  We just got to relax and swim and my dad got to eat a TON of food that we brought from the farm!  Lukey let me drive the boat, and we slept in the pop-top van.

My last favorite family JUST happened… I got a trampoline when I turned 6 and I got to jump on it with a bunch of the crew.  Everybody felt like they were little kids again!

At this point, Amaya jumped down off her chair and wandered outside to check in with the wash area.  I guess that’s the end of that! Many of the pictures included are one’s that Amaya has taken with her camera, from around the farm. 

From the whole Fledging Crow Family, thank you for being a part of our lives through your support of the farm, we couldn't do it without you!

With Love,

Jess, Amaya, Ian, Brittany, Lucas, Spud, Cory, Molly, Alex, Andy, Kiana, Sarah, Peggy, Ivan, and Lucas2

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