Fledging Crow Vegetables is a 42-acre, certified organic farm established in 2008 by Ian Ater and Lucas Christenson. We grow over 60 varieties of vegetables, and sell them via CSA, farmers markets and wholesale.

Our produce can be found in local restaurants, schools and at several farmers markets in the Adirondack region. We also participate in the Green City Markets of Brooklyn and Manhattan.



 At the end of the day, it is our community that is investing in us.  Our CSA members sign up each year and it's like they're saying, ‘we appreciate what you do and we want you to continue,' and that's why we're going to keep growing.

Are you interested in finding a better way to feed your family? If you want to support local farmers, eat food grow naturally without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and have more fun in the kitchen, then check out our CSA program!


Soil, Sun, Water, & Sweat

Fledging Crow Vegetables is Certified Organic through  NOFA-NY. Click Here to read more about our farming practices.

Fledging Crow Vegetables, LLC.    122 A Robare Rd., Keeseville, NY 12944